The Ritual Aura are a progressive | technical death metal band from Perth, Western Australia, blending narrative and storytelling with intricately woven compositions.

Starting off as a tech death project in 2015, the band released their debut sci-fi centric full length Laniakea to a widely positive response, gathering both national and international praise.

"The album also includes a surprising amount of mind-melting musical ideas, creative and frenetic guitar playing, outstanding 8-string tapping, focused NS/Stick bass playing, demolishing intense drumming, and ravenous growls and shrieks" - No Clean Singing

One month prior to Laniakea's release, the band began writing Tæther, the 2016 follow-up running a grand total of 72 minutes over 17 tracks. 

"Greater use of melodies and sharp solos also differentiate their latest work from their older material, and when this is combined with the symphonic elements…well, The Ritual Aura’s sound has blown up." -

With the addition of progressive stylings, the aspect of lore and storytelling was also further explored, the entirety of Tæther focusing on tales from Japanese ghost folklore.

"An incredibly fun ‘adventure’ just to listen to such a coherent and solid work that doesn’t try to be completely out there to the point of complete abstraction." -

"As a whole, Tæther is a far more progressive oriented album, which was hinted at throughout Laniakea but becomes more of the central focus here. Which isn't to say that this isn't a furiously aggressive tech-death jaunt, more that there is now a whole lot else going on beyond that." -

A third record has been announced for 2018, titled Velothi and focusing on lore from The Elder Scrolls.